I am a DPhil (PhD) student in philosophy at the University of Oxford. I am also a research member and coordinator of ALIUS, an interdisciplinary research group on altered states of consciousness I have co-founded in 2016. I previously obtained my undergraduate degree from the Sorbonne University (jointly with the École Normale Supérieure), and my Master’s degree from the Institut Jean Nicod. See my CV for more details.

My philosophical interests lie mainly within the philosophy of mind and the philosophy of cognitive science; I also have a strong interest in the philosophy of perception and metaphysics. My doctoral research investigates the notion of self-consciousness. I disambiguate the claim that self-consciousness is necessary for consciousness, and challenge the resulting versions of the claim through conceptual analysis and the study of a variety of empirical cases. 

I have organized the Sense of Self conference in Oxford, and I am co-organizing the Selfless Minds workshop in Frankfurt.