Raphaël Millière

Public Engagement


  • Artificial Mimicry and Beyond

    A general audience talk on the recent progress of large models in AI and how they perform a form of artificial mimicry that has potentially concerning ethical implications.
  • AI Art Is Challenging the Boundaries of Curation

    An article about AI art, and the ways in which it expands the notion of artistic curation.
  • Video Interview About Artificial Intelligence

    An interview about my Nautilus article regarding the capacities, limitations, and potential risks of large pre-trained AI models.
  • Moving Beyond Mimicry in Artificial Intelligence

    An article about the capacities, limitations, and potential risks of large pre-trained AI models.
  • Interview About the Future of AI

    A long-form conversation on the progress and future of artificial intelligence, spanning topics such as the definition of AI, the nature of intelligence, natural language understanding, out-of-distribution generalization, the benefits and limitations of scaling AI models, existential risk, and compositionality.
  • Computation in the Brain and Neurophilosophy

    A discussion with computer scientist Christos Papadimitriou.
  • Drugs, Behavior, and the Future of Medicine

    A discussion with Diana Martinez, Carl Hart, and Christopher Medina-Kirchner.
  • Being Human in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

    A discussion with computer scientist Rebecca Wright.
  • 2020

  • Welcome to the Next Level of Bullshit

    An article about the recent progress of language generation algorithms in relation to the concept of “bullshit” as characterized by Harry Frankfurt.
  • Interview About GPT-3 and Artificial Intelligence

    A discussion about the natural language processing algorithm GPT-3, and its potential benefits and risks to society.
  • 2019

  • Moving Humans

    A public experiment on the relationship between taste and motion perception, organized with Barry C. Smith and Ophelia Deroy.
  • The New Science of Psychedelics

    A discussion with neuroscientist Christopher Timmermann, moderated by journalist Kate Spicer.
  • Philosophy and the Senses

    A public experiment on abstract associations between scents and colors.
  • The Scents of Rothko

    A public experiment on visual-olfactory associations between scents and paintings by Mark Rothko, organized for the special event Dreaming in Color.
  • 2017

  • Interview About Consciousness in Drug-Induced States

    A two-part discussion about recent research on alterations of consciousness induced by psychoactive drugs, and its implications for a scientific understanding of consciousness.